Culture and landmarks

Spa House

The history of this house begins in 1824, where there was a ballroom and hotel rooms. Initially, the building had only the ground floor, fifty-five years later, the construction of a new facility began. In 1909, the building was demolished and its place was taken over by the third Spa House, designed by Gdańsk architect Carl Weber, which was opened in 1910.

The history of Dom Zdrojowy is so rich, so let's go further ...

The architect Carl Weber expanded the House to such an extent that there was a hotel, a casino, restaurants and a ballroom inside. Unfortunately, when the city of Sopot was taken over by the Red Army in 1945, the building was looted and set on fire. The construction of the fourth Spa House took place only in 2006.

Currently, this place is admired by tourists, its architecture is truly unique! In the House there are a hotel, the State Art Gallery, a conference center, restaurants, bars and many other attractions.

Opera Leśna

Niejedno widziała, niejedno słyszała, niepowtarzalna Opera Leśna w Sopocie, która mieści się w Trójmiejskim Parku Krajobrazowym.

Obiekt doceniany za świetną akustykę, przestrzeń, a co najważniejsze obiekt mieści aż 5579 widzów. To tutaj odbywa się coroczny Polsat SuperHit Festiwal, tutaj królują najsłynniejsze polskie kabarety np. Kabaret Neo-Nówka.

Opera Leśna jest wybierana przez największe Polskie muzyczne gwiazdy, by celebrować swoje jubileuszowe koncerty. Pozostaje Nam być na bieżąco z jej kalendarzem!

Krzywy domek - Crooked House

One of the most interesting buildings that you can see while walking down the famous Monciak - Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street. The contemporary architecture and creativity of the house's creators raised it to the first place in the world's list of 50 weirdest buildings in the world published by the Village of Joy portal.

Nowadays you will find there a famous cafe, restaurant or even RMF MAXXX radio station. It is impossible to avoid it!

Atelier Theater - Theater on the Beach

Named after a prominent Polish songwriter, poet,author of theatre and television screenplays, film director and journalist Agnieszka Osiecka, the theater has existed since 1989, founded by André Hübner-Ochodlo. Since 1994, it has been located in the North Park, right next to the Sopot beach.

The most important event for the Atelier Theater each summer are International Meetings with Jewish Culture, with the participation of outstanding actors from all over Poland and abroad.

Summer Cinema on the pier

A warm evening and a movie watched on the pier? Only in Sopot!

Hotel Zhong Hua is located 300 meters from the pier, so every year we witness the summer film festival Kino Letnie Sopot-Zakopane. The festival starts on July 1 and lasts until August 31, 2022. This is the fifteenth edition of the summer cinema in Sopot, beach loungers are waiting for you, admission to all screenings is free (you only need to have a ticket to the pier).

Museum of Sopot

The unique, historic villa of Claaszen from 1903, established on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the city, impresses with its historic interior. The villa's image reflects the love of antiques and works of art by the first owner of the villa. You can feel the family passion of the Claaszen family by visiting the museum and admiring the permanent historic exhibition.

Interestingly, every year the museum offers temporary exhibitions devoted to various aspects of the city's history. We are only a five-minute walk to the museum from the hotel. We cordially invite you to discover more about the city of Sopot there.