Our History

See the history of the Zhong Hua Hotel

The building in the style of Old Norwegian architecture was built in 1907 according to a design by Paul Puchmuller. It housed the Southern Baths. The bathroom buildings were divided into 3 segments: for women, for families and for men.

There was a children's pool with a slide in the family part of Łazienki Południowe.

At the Łazienki Południowe (Polish, meaning „southern baths”) Park, in the family section, there was a children's pool with a slide. At the seafront side of the promenade, the main building accommodated hairdressers, restaurants and cafes.

After World War I, a base for seaplanes flying to Germany was established next to the building of the Łazienki Południowe Park.

On the right, designed by Heinrich Dunkel, an Art Nouveau villa erected in 1910 to the order of the wealthy widow Agnes Kalau von Hofe. Currently, this building does not have a conical roof on a cylindrical tower as it used to.

The bathroom building, a beautiful wooden structure with a design modeled on Norwegian folk motifs, still constitutes worth-seeing an attraction of the health resort.

In the years 1994-95 the building was extended by the Min-Hoong Company for the needs of the Hotel.