Rules and regulations




Welcome to the Zhong Hua Hotel in Sopot. Please read with the following rules and regulations which are mandatory for all our guests. The Hotel`s reception desk attends to all matters pertaining to Guests (phone number 100).


§ 1


1. The Regulations set forth the principles concerning the provision of services, the liability, and the stay at the Hotel. They are an integral part of the agreement concluded by signing at the check-in card or by making actions, from which the intention may be inferred, in particular by making a reservation and/or an advance payment or full payment for the stay at the Hotel. By making the actions specified in the previous sentence, Guests confirm that they have read and accepted the Regulations.

2. The Regulations apply to all persons staying at the Hotel Zhong Hua.

3. The Regulations is available at the reception desk, in every hotel room and at the Hotel Zhong Hua website


§ 2

1. Hotel rooms are rented for hotel days.

2. Check-in time is 3:30 p.m. on the day of arrival and the check-out time is 11:30 a.m. on the day of departure.

3. If upon check-in the guest does not specify the duration of his or her stay the hotel will presume it is for one night.


§ 3


1. Guests wishing to extend their stay beyond the date given while checking in are kindly asked to inform our reception before 10:00 a.m. on the original departure date.

2. Extension of your stay will be ensured subject to room availability.

3. Guests wishing to check out earlier are kindly requested to inform our reception before 11:30 a.m. otherwise they will be charge for one additional night.

4. If the Guest occupy the room after noon on the day when the rental period expires, reception can charge Guest at least half of price of the day.


§ 4


1. Guests have the right to submit a complaint, if they spot deficiencies in the quality of services provided. All complaints should be submitted at the reception desk immediately after it becomes apparent.

2. The hotel staff shall promptly respond to any problems or complaints regarding our services, equipment or the cleanliness and order on the premises. All issues will be dealt with immediately.


§ 5


1. Please contact our reception for the following services:

· Travel and tourist information;

· Wake-up calls;

· Safe deposits of valuable items during your stay at our hotel;

· Luggage storage (we may refuse to store luggage at times when the person is not staying at our hotel or if the luggage does not appear to be personal luggage used for travel).


§ 6



1. The hotel shall be liable for any loss or damage of items brought in by persons using our services subject to the limitations contemplated in the Polish Civil Code.

2. Any damage should be reported to our reception immediately after it becomes apparent.

3. No guest is allowed to give up his or her room to be used by third parties even if the room has been duly paid for.

4. Persons not checked in at the Hotel may visit hotel rooms from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.


§ 7


1. The quiet hours in the Hotel last from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.

2. Guests and other individuals using the hotel services are asked to make sure their conduct should not disturb other guests. The hotel may refuse its services to individuals who violate this rule.


§ 8


1. Guests are expected to lock their rooms properly to prevent access of third parties. Upon leaving their rooms guests must close and lock the doors, windows and anti-burglary rolling shutters.

2. Guests are expected to keep all the equipment and furniture in their rooms free from damage.

3. Guest of the Hotel assumes full financial liability for any damage or destruction caused to items, furnishings and technical equipment of the Hotel, which is attributable to the Guest, the people visiting the Guest, or the animals staying with the Guest. The Hotel reserves the right to debit the Guest`s credit card for damages after the departure of the Guest.

4. Determined that the claim for reasonable compensation for the damage will be implemented in the following way:

a) removal of damage by fixing things

b) paying in full the damaged items

c) purchase of item with similar characteristics as a defective one

5. Each time when leaving the room the Guest should, for safety reasons, turn off the TV, turn off the lights, close the taps and check whether the door is locked.

6. The Hotel is a non-smoking area apart from a separate smoking zone. Failure to observe the non-smoking policy will result in charging the Guest with the amount of 500 PLN.

7. Additional charge for room cleaning not associated with atypical contamination is 200 PLN.

8. In the event of breach of the Regulations, the Hotel may refuse to provide services to a person who violates them. Such a person is obligated to immediately comply with the demands of the Hotel, pay the amounts due for the services provided, pay for any damage, and to leave the Hotel.

9. If the Guest delays with the payments for the stay or does not pay for services provided, the Hotel has a statutory right to establish a lien on the property brought by the Guest to the Hotel.

10. In the area of the Hotel, children under the age of 10 must be under the constant supervision of legal guardians. Legal guardians shall be liable for any damage caused by actions of children.


§ 9


1. Items left behind by a guest will be sent on demand by post at the guest’s expense to any address the guest may specify. If not specifically instructed the hotel will store such items for three months and then donate them to a charitable cause.


§ 10


1. For an extra charge, the Hotel accepts pets. The owner of the pet is required to keep it on a leash in the Hotel premises and to remove any droppings left by the animal.

2. In hotel rooms it is forbidden to store dangerous goods – weapons and ammunition, as well as flammable, explosive or illuminating materials.

3. The Guests shall not cause and the Hotel shall not allow to cause excessive noise in the Hotel, emission of unpleasant odours from the hotel room, or otherwise disturb, cause damage to, or annoy other Guests of the Hotel.

4. Apart from a slight rearrangement of the furniture and equipment, which does not affect their functionality and safety of use, the Guests are not allowed to make any changes to the hotel rooms and their furnishings.

5. The Guest shall be required to comply with the fire regulations. It is not allowed to use the electrical equipment, which is not the hotel room equipment, in particular, heaters, irons, dryers, etc. Using the hotel irons is only allowed when using the ironing board or in the ironing room.

6. Any unjustified triggering of the fire alarm will be subject to a penalty of 1000 PLN.

7. A 50 PLN fee is charged for losing hotel key.

8. Breaking curfew will be subject to a penalty of 500 PLN.



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